Nov 21, 2016

Obtaining buy-in from the community to improve healthcare

Sherman Hospital was the largest hospital relocation ever approved in the State of Illinois, and McGuireWoods Consulting was a key part of the team that paved the way for its success. Building or expanding a hospital can potentially drive up the cost of health care, so hospitals are required to make their case for new construction before the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board.

With major projects like Sherman Hospital's, hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake. Every petition draws opposition from rival hospitals. In Illinois, the intensely competitive process led to corruption.

An Integrated Approach
Partnering with Sherman Hospital, attorneys and other consultants, McGuireWoods Consulting helped developed a new, comprehensive approach to obtaining state approval. They mounted a sophisticated PR campaign, and then mobilized a wide-ranging grassroots effort, encouraging affected community members and leaders to speak out in support of the relocation. Government relations specialists made the case with legislators and other influential people. And McGuireWoods LLP cleared legal obstacles.

With public opinion solidified, the Board had no viable option other than approval.

Innovation that Gets Results

Since the Sherman Hospital project, securing a Certificate of Need from the Planning Board for most major projects has involved this three-pronged approach of legal, public relations, and grasstops/legislative advocacy.

Added Value

In addition, McGuireWoods Consulting used its knowledge of government incentive programs to help the Hospital win a grant to build a geothermal lake for the heating and cooling system, making the project environmentally friendly.

Uniquely Positioned for Success
Building a hospital is a major undertaking that requires complex public relations, community outreach, as well as legal issues such as permitting. No competitor can offer this completely integrated approach.