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Sep 29, 2014

NC Politics in the News - September 29, 2014


WCNC: Direct flights needed to Asia, says Commerce Chief
North Carolina Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker returned from a five-day trip to Japan Sunday.
Gov. Pat McCrory kicked off a tour of 1,000 businesses in all 100 North Carolina counties Thursday in Cary, speaking of the need to address a skills gap in the workforce.
As part of legislation repealing the controversial Common Core academic standards in North Carolina public schools, a new state commission began the process Monday of reviewing math and English language targets for students to devise a new system of standards.
CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: CMS official: Schools ‘busting at the seams’ as student growth exceeds projections
Thousands more students than the state had projected enrolled this fall in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, as some new charter schools have struggled to recruit as many students as anticipated.
North Carolina, a state long defined by the tension between Southern tradition and progressive ideals, seems like it is moving in two directions at once, with both major parties exhibiting gains and their members coexisting as neighbors.
NC POLITICAL NEWS: NFIB Endorses Candidates in 35 Legislative Races
The National Federation of Independent Business, North Carolina’s leading small-business association, has endorsed candidates rel="noopener noreferrer" in 35 state legislative races.
More than 6.5 million people are registered to vote North Carolina, up about rel="noopener noreferrer" 30 percent from 10 years ago, state officials said Tuesday.
Absentee ballots are already in the mail and early in-person voting will begin in less than a month, but neither candidates nor those who follow General Assembly elections closely can tell you how much will be spent in the battle for the state legislature rel="noopener noreferrer" this year.
A legislative oversight subcommittee began work Wednesday rel="noopener noreferrer" on the issues of Medicaid reform and potential reorganization of North Carolina's multi-billion dollar program.
A legislative committee will meet Monday with North Carolina health rel="noopener noreferrer" officials to examine ways the state can better investigate suspicious deaths.
A year after Gov. Pat McCrory created data-driven rankings to “take politics out of road building,” the governor has proposed borrowing $1 billion for new highway construction, possibly for road projects that scored near the bottom of his new evaluation system.
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