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August 04, 2015

Tax Policy Update

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: 34. The number of days until the U.S. House of Representatives returns from August recess. The Senate is in this week to tackle procedural motions for legislation related to cybersecurity and Planned Parenthood. The Senate is expected to depart for recess later in the week. Both chambers are scheduled to return Sep. 8. Members will have little time to admire the fall colors when they return, however. An aggressive legislative agenda looms once more over both chambers: long-term highway bill, international tax reform, government funding for FY2016, FAA reauthorization, Export-Import Bank reauthorization, raising the debt ceiling, and more.

August 03, 2015

North Carolina General Assembly Week in Review

Executions. Last Monday night the Senate passed HB 774, Restoring Proper Justice Act, 33-16. According to HB 744’s supporters, the bill will allow executions to resume in the state. The last execution occurred in 2006.

August 03, 2015

Washington Healthcare Update

This Week: CMS Issues FY 2016 Final Inpatient and Long-Term Care Hospital Policy and Payment Changes... CMS Releases Final FY 2016 Medicare Payment Rule for Skilled Nursing Facilities... House Ways and Means Committee Members Introduce Three Medicare Hospital Bills; Committee Eyes Bills for Major Upcoming Health Care Legislation
July 29, 2015

Tax Policy Update

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: 3. First it was three years, now it’s three months. The Senate’s attempt to pass a multiyear highway bill ran off the road this week after House Republicans announced they will adjourn one day early for the month-long August recess. The House’s early departure forced the Senate to acquiesce to a short-term patch in order to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent beyond July 31. The three-month patch is paid for by a collection of tax enforcement measures—the same offsets contained in a five-month patch the House passed earlier this month. The deal sets up the next collision of wills between the Senate and House in late October, when the debate over how to pay for a long-term highway authorization will bleed into the tug-of-war over how to handle tax extenders. Read more details below.

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