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March 06, 2018

Tax Policy Update

The potential tax hit for those who grabbed a swag bag at the Oscars on Sunday. The IRS considers these fancy giveaways as income and can collect taxes based on the value of the gifts, which is estimated to be somewhere around $100,000. The gift bag includes luxury vacation packages, cosmetics, clothes, and high-tech gadgets.

March 05, 2018

NC Politics in the News

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: ‘Historic day’. With all these legislative candidates, no one’s getting a free ride

March 02, 2018

NCGA Week in Review

A number of interim committees met this week with one common thread running throughout the conversations: health. Committees discussed issues including the vocational training and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and an update on the status of NC’s Medicaid waiver application. Additionally, the filing deadline for the 2018 elections passed on Wednesday.

February 27, 2018

Tax Policy Update

Devil’s in the Details. That’s the U.S. budget deficit for fiscal year 2017 according to the FY 2017 Financial Report of the United States Government. The Department of the Treasury released the report on Feb. 15 to little fanfare — the annual report card on the nation’s fiscal health was largely ignored by the media. Bill Bergman, the director of research at Truth in Accounting, puts it best: “The largest financial institution in world history issued its annual report yesterday, and nobody cares.”

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