Radu M. Triculescu

Research Associate, Public Affairs , International Government Relations

Bucharest, RO

+40 21 037 23 51453


Radu Triculescu joined McGuireWoods Romania in November 2016 after serving as a personal adviser to the Romanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for the past year. In his role as a Public Affairs Associate, Radu aids clients with market research, political and public administration reports, and legislative monitoring, specifically as it relates to agribusiness.

He had previously worked with the team at McGuireWoods Romania as an intern in 2015. Prior to that, he had interned at the Romanian Ministry of Labor and at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and at several organizations and NGOs in Latin America and Africa.

Radu holds a BA in International Affairs and Political Science and an MS in International Affairs from Florida State University. He also has an MSc in Sociology from the University of Amsterdam, a Master’s in International Migration and Social Cohesion from Universidad de Deusto, and an MA in Intercultural Relations from Osnabruck University.


Executive and Legislative Affairs