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Dec 4, 2014

Effective communications and grassroots strategy

When Verizon wanted to enter the video services market, they faced a tough battle. In most states, laws require new companies to get approval from dozens of separate localities. Everywhere these newcomers turned, entrenched cable industry competitors mounted resistance, making the process enormously costly and time-consuming. Often localities would demand so many concessions, the new company's business plan would become completely unworkable.

An Innovative Plan
McGuireWoods Consulting knew that mobilizing the public-the beneficiary of competing service and more options-was the only way to change the situation. Working for Verizon, we executed an effective communications and grassroots strategy in a number of localities to engage key decision makers and energize community leaders, small business owners, advocates among minority- and women-owned businesses, and critical NGOs (non-government organizations). The effort included hundreds of “intercepts” at which community leaders discussed the Verizon plan with local elected and appointed officials. With mounting public pressure, the elected officials had no choice but to approve Verizon's entry into the market.

Battling a Powerful Opponent

Following our success in various localities, we took on the state. Our government relations team worked to help craft and pass a cutting-edge law that simplified the approval process and reduced government obstacles to entering the market. Rallying support from both constituents and the business community, we developed a model approach, which Verizon could duplicate across the country.

Integrated Services that Get Results
Bottom line, we worked with our client to execute innovative tactics with a diverse coalition of supporters, encouraged fast-track decisions by government at the state and local level, and made money for our clients by allowing the free market to work with less government interference. This was achieved through McGuireWoods Consulting's integrated service, combining a sophisticated grass-roots operation with the best in government relations.