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The McGuireWoods Consulting Women in Public Affairs initiative focuses on bringing together women working in government affairs and advocacy through a series of local and regional educational events and networking opportunities.

The initiative gives women working in government relations a platform to share thought leadership, as well as a growing network to raise profiles and invest in women dedicated to advocacy services. McGuireWoods Consulting partners with our clients on this initiative to expand existing relationships and support new ideas.

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Piloted in the fall of 2018, the first phase of the initiative began with collaboration and networking opportunities between the women of McGuireWoods Consulting and women attorneys with McGuireWoods LLP. The inaugural roundtable and networking event brought together Richmond-based consultants, partners and associates to discuss their practices, share business development and collaboration opportunities, as well as client relations insights and successes. As this piece of the initiative is developed, MWC WPA will turn to partnering with clients and other women working in government affairs and advocacy services to help expand existing relationships and support new ideas.

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Stay tuned for additional events and networking opportunities from MWC Women in Public Affairs. In the meantime, read our online series on "Women in Public Affairs to Know" to learn more about women's work on legislative solutions and advocacy services. If you have a recommendation for a future interview, please email Michele Satterlund.

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