Sep 29, 2009

Public Private Partnerships Bulletin





1. Virginia auditor continues examination of Northrop PPEA for VITA (1 link)

Follow this link to a recent report from the Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts about the Northrop Grumman PPTA for the Virginia Information Technology Agency.

2. Virginia Port Authority and APM Terminals consider partnership outside PPTA framework (4 articles)

APM Terminals may be on the verge of deal with Port Authority

The Virginian-Pilot

Virginia Port Authority expected to take over Portsmouth terminal

Daily Press

Port privatization panel's just 'scratched the surface'

The Virginian-Pilot

Port deal would rechart course

The Virginian-Pilot

3. Mississippi suspends Airport Parkway PPP procurement

4. Dulles Toll Road may send money to other regional projects

5. Few show interest in proposed Dulles Toll Road hikes

6. SPSA proceeds with PPEA to allow landfill and operations takeover

7. Governor Kaine announces PPEA for state agency energy projects (1 link)

Follow this link to a recent press release from Virginia Governor Tim Kaine about a PPEA for energy projects at state agencies, funded with stimulus funds.

8. VDOT suspends further consideration of Route 460 PPTA

9. Pocahontas Parkway PPTA falters as traffic falls

10. Cape Charles wastewater plan advances despite PPEA offer

11. VITA PPEA vilified, defended (2 articles)

VITA project raises doubts on privatization

Richmond Times-Dispatch

VITA: Initiative still makes good sense

Richmond Times-Dispatch