Nov 26, 2012

NC Politics in the News - November 26, 2012


Gov.-Elect Pat McCrory will be sworn in as North Carolina's chief executive one week ahead of his official inauguration.
As director of Gov.-elect Pat McCrory’s transition team, former Durham City Councilman Thomas Stith III is the new man to see in Tar Heel politics.
The Democratic Party candidate for lieutenant governor says she won't seek a statewide recount in hopes the new tally would make up the nearly 7,000 votes by which she trails.
For the most part, the state’s Democratic candidates were knocked back on their heels by the Nov. 6 election. That followed a legislative session in which the GOP pretty much got most of what it wanted, and scandal at the party headquarters.
The $2.4 billion that the state owes the federal government – money it borrowed to pay jobless benefits – could become the catalyst for an overhaul of the state’s unemployment insurance system that spreads the pain of erasing that debt.
There's a new superpower growing in the Great Plains and the South, where bulging Republican majorities in state capitols could dramatically cut taxes and change public education with barely a whimper of resistance from Democrats.
In a ruling that could affect reimbursement contracts between doctors and health insurers, the N.C. Department of Insurance has decided that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina may alter some reimbursement policies with medical providers without a renegotiation.
The N.C. State Ports Authority needs to stop studying how it can improve the economy of North Carolina and start doing it.
The North Carolina Railroad Co. offers rail transportation but owns no locomotives. It's a private corporation, but the state is its one shareholder, representing millions of taxpayers.
Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue and Republicans who control the North Carolina legislature agree it would be tragic for about 1,400 people with serious mental illnesses to lose their homes Jan. 1 because of a one-word change to the state budget.
At Bailey Middle School’s book fair last week, students and parents walked the halls brandishing tablets and smartphones, scanning QR codes on the walls for a “bring your own technology” scavenger hunt.


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