Sep 6, 2012

Public Private Partnerships Bulletin




1.  VDOT continues review of 81 widening plans and studies (2 articles)
Roanoke Times
Roanoke Times
2.  Virginia files I-95 improvement plan despite opposition (2 articles)
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond Times-Dispatch 
3.  Tolls vs. taxes debate continues in Virginia (3 articles)
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Tidewater News
Richmond Times-Dispatch 
7.  Panel convenes on Virginia Port Authority privatization (2 articles, 1 attachment)

Also attached at the bottom of the page is a presentation reviewing the 3 PPTA proposals now before Virginia.

McDonnell says port options are not 'privatization,' but experts disagree

Daily Press
10.  North Carolina DOT looks for PPP partners for Charlotte transit hub
Click here for an RFQ from the North Carolina Department of Transportation seeking partners to develop a mixed-use transit hub in Charlotte.  Additional addenda and materials are at the NCDOT website.