Jan 28, 2013

NC Politics in the News - January 28, 2013


A look at North Carolina's 2013 General Assembly, which begins in earnest Wednesday.
By one measure, the to-do list for Republican legislative leaders this year at the General Assembly is very similar to what they wrote down in 2011, when they took new majorities in the House and Senate.
It’s usually a slow, predictable walk from the beginning of the budget-writing season to the release of state budget proposals in late winter and early spring.
Legislators are preparing for a wave of new education policies that will envelop students and their teachers.
Conservatives have grumbled about the state energy law that mandates renewables and efficiency programs ever since it was passed in 2007 with Democrats in control.
Despite the reservations of his budget director, Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday that he still wants to look at the possibility of eliminating North Carolina's income tax.
Interest groups hashing out North Carolina's fracking regulations started work Tuesday by tackling rules on what the public will be told about chemical additives pumped underground and how broad trade secrecy exceptions will be allowed.
Dozens of residents in a Montgomery County adult care home were left to find new places to live after officials say the home's owners abandoned them.
North Carolina lawmakers are discussing a draft proposal that would prohibit sales of lottery tickets to people who receive public assistance or who are in bankruptcy.
An attorney who worked in then-Gov. Jim Martin's administration in the 1980s is returning to North Carolina state government as a top leader in the Department of Public Safety.
Former North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue will spend this spring at Harvard University in Cambridge, Ma.
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