Apr 28, 2014

NC Politics in the News: Primary Election Update


One week before the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, the differences between the candidates appear subtle.
North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis, the establishment favorite in the Republican Senate primary there, is surging ahead of the pack in a new survey of the race.
Frank Roche, an economics instructor and commentator, says he’s been working to get into politics for five solid years and now sees the debate over immigration as his chance to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Jones, 71, is an anti-war social conservative with a libertarian streak who regularly bucks his fellow House Republicans on big votes. Griffin is the challenger, a first-time candidate, former Bush administration official and Washington political operative who has the backing of big-spending outside groups.
Three Republican candidates are battling for their party’s nomination to succeed Democrat Mike McIntyre as North Carolina’s 7th District Congressman.
The one thing the eight candidates vying for the U.S. House 12th Congressional District seat have in common is the belief they are the best-qualified person to fill the office.
They're either too left or too right, wrong on an issue or just refuse to get along. Challengers and interest groups opposing several Republican General Assembly incumbents are pushing these arguments to make this two-year term their last by beating them in the May 6 primary.
Some key North Carolina General Assembly races in the May 6 primary. Unless otherwise noted, the primary winner faces no rival from the opposing party in November.
Three Wilmington Republicans are vying to replace outgoing state Sen. Thom Goolsby in a race that is dominated by jobs and the economy, the film incentive and reforms for education – including teacher pay raises.
A political veteran, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board member and a reform-minded attorney are among the five Democrats looking to replace Sen. Malcolm Graham in the N.C. Senate.
Voters in N.C. House District 58 will have their choice of political newcomers this year.
North Carolina has begun early voting for 2014. The Civitas Institute updates these votes daily straight from the State Board of Elections so you can see how the votes are being cast. Use our interactive maps to dig deeper into the information.
The amount of money being spent by outside groups seeking to influence the outcome of elections up and down the ballot is growing. As this spending by outside groups at the state and congressional level continues to increase, keep tabs on the rising totals with the NCFEF Independent Expenditure Tracker.
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