May 29, 2014

NC Senate Releases 2014 Budget


North Carolina Senate leaders released their version of the FY 2014-2015 budget at 10:00PM on Wednesday, May 28th. The $21 billion budget is expected to make its way through three Senate committees today, May 29th, before possibly making it to the Senate floor for debate and approval on Friday and Saturday.
Although the Senate may potentially pass their version of the budget over to the NC House by the end of the weekend, it does not mean the House will necessarily agree to their version. House budget writers will take the Senate’s budget and make the changes they feel are necessary before bringing it to House committees and the floor for debate. It is expected that the budget will then go to conference so that House and Senate budget writers and Governor can come to a consensus on the budget.
To view the Senate’s version of the budget, click here: SB 744: Appropriations Act of 2014
  • Information Technology: pgs. 18-32
  • Public Schools: pgs. 32-64
  • Community Colleges: pg. 64
  • Universities: pgs. 64-70
  • Health & Human Services: pgs. 70-121
  • Agriculture & Consumer Services: pgs. 121-126
  • Environment & Natural Resources: pgs. 126-154
  • Commerce: pgs. 154-168
  • Justice & Public Safety: pgs. 169-181
  • Department of Justice: pgs. 181-204
  • Judicial Department: pgs. 184-221
  • Cultural Resources: pg. 221
  • Department of Insurance: pgs. 221-224
  • Various State Agencies: pgs. 224-229
  • Transportation: pgs. 229-244
  • Salaries & Benefits: pgs. 244-257
  • Capital Improvements: pgs. 257-270
  • Tax Provisions: pgs. 270-273
  • Miscellaneous: pgs. 273-274
To view the Senate’s money report, click here: Appropriations Act of 2014 Money Report
President Pro Tempore of the Senate Phil Berger’s press releases on the budget:

Senate Republicans Propose Largest Teacher Pay Increase in History

  • The bottom of the press release includes a link to detailed information on the pay proposal.
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