Jun 16, 2014

NC Politics in the News - June 16, 2014


Teacher pay, spending on health care for the poor and potential changes to public safety spending are among the differences between the House, Senate and governor's budgets.             
The North Carolina House gave final approval Friday morning to its proposed state budget, the third budget proposed in a little more than a month by state officials. Representatives voted 77-35 to approve the budget.
Despite broad differences between the House and Senate budgets, Speaker Thom Tillis says he sees room for compromise in the days ahead.
Barring a change of heart, the state's historic preservation tax credit program will survive for at least another year. The program was inserted back into the N.C. House budget last week after it was initially omitted, which would have ended a 38-year run.
The Senate's Ag and Environment committee is due to meet Monday afternoon to consider a coal ash cleanup bill that is more prescriptive than the one put forward by Gov. Pat McCrory. Meanwhile, a Monday night vote could formally send the state budget to a House-Senate conference.             
A new bill that could end the controversy surrounding who will run Charlotte Douglas International Airport passed the North Carolina Senate on Wednesday and moved to the state House for final approval.
The decision by North Carolina lawmakers to allow fracking to begin next year - even without final rules - has renewed the interest of energy exploration companies and investors, officials say
Judge Carl Fox said some of the rules amended in May by NC legislators are overly broad.