Jun 2, 2014

NC Politics in the News - June 2, 2014


After the state Senate finalized its budget early Saturday morning, House leaders are poised to begin working on their own $21.1 billion spending plan this week. Lawmakers don't have much of a scheduled today, but protesters do plan to be back at the General Assembly.
The Republican-led state Senate gave final approval early Saturday to its spending plan for North Carolina government next year that promises big pay raises to teachers who give up job protections but also would derail GOP Gov. Pat McCrory's Medicaid reform proposal.
New fees help cover budget priorities. To find money for its priorities, the Senate is proposing to raise fees on a variety of business interests and tap state reserves.
House and Senate lawmakers gave final approval Thursday to a proposal that would speed up the start of natural gas drilling in the state. Senate Bill 786 now goes to the desk of Gov. Pat McCrory, who has already said he supports it.
Legislation modifying North Carolina's tax rules and repealing some local business taxes next summer was signed quickly Thursday by Gov. Pat McCrory, even as municipalities are anxious for a long-term solution to avoid raising other taxes or cutting services.
The GOP credits regulatory reform among the reasons why North Carolina's economy appears to be improving, especially with an unemployment rate now below the national average.
The sweeping regulatory overhaul bill SB734 heads over to the House this week after the Senate gave it final approval with a few tweaks.
The Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday that it had reached an enforceable deal with Duke Energy to clean up its mess from a huge coal ash spill into the Dan River.
U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan on Thursday sent a letter formally asking for a debate with her Republican challenger Thom Tillis. And the Tillis campaign responded by calling for a lot of debates – 10 at least.