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Feb 21, 2019

MWC Announces Promotions Across Offices, Practice Groups

McGuireWoods Consulting announced several promotions this week, recognizing the work of individuals in state government relations, federal public affairs, MWCAdvocacy and international government relations.

In Illinois, Patrick Carey and Louie Mossos were both promoted to senior vice presidents, and Lara Mbayed was promoted to vice president. Davis Rennolds and Kassie Schroth were both promoted in Virginia, to senior vice president and vice president respectively. Brian Flynn of South Carolina was also promoted to senior vice president. In Georgia, Zachary Johnson was promoted to vice president.

On the federal level, Casey Stokes was promoted to vice president and Tony Gius of MWCAdvocacy was promoted to senior vice president.

Sebastian Simion, on MWC’s international government relations team, was promoted to senior manager.

“McGuireWoods Consulting is proud to acknowledge our team members who have reached new heights in their careers,” said former South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges, president of the firm.

Chairman Mark Bowles, echoed Hodges, “Our steadfast commitment to our clients begins with the manner in which we support our team members’ personal and professional growth. A business cannot experience success on behalf of clients without first investing in its team.”