Private Equity
Mar 9, 2021

McGuireWoods Consulting Adds Private Equity Advisory Services, Offering Unique 50-State Reach

McGuireWoods Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of a new practice area centered around advisory services for private equity investors and portfolio companies, helping them to understand the implications of state-level policy decisions and market trends for their investment and business decisions.

The private equity advisory services team is uniquely situated to provide timely and detailed information about state political trends, probable election outcomes, and actual or anticipated legislative and regulatory actions that impact the potential value of private equity investments.

“A number of firms provide insight regarding federal policy trends, but few if any have the capability of providing insight regarding state level public policy issues impacting current and potential private equity investments,” MWC president Gov. Jim Hodges said. “As decisions move to the states, our clients tell us that getting reliable information is an important part of their investment research and due diligence process.”

The advisory services team has particular depth in sectors that often are most relevant to private equity clients, including education, energy and the environment, healthcare, and infrastructure and economic development.

“Our presence in multiple state capitals and experience representing clients in all 50 states gives our team a unique perspective and ability to help private equity investors know early on where laws, regulations and policies at the state level are going, as well as the key players driving such change, that will impact their investments.” Rennolds said. “We offer our clients rare insights gained not only from first-hand political experience, historical research, and industry knowledge, but through our extensive relationships with elected and appointed state officials as well.