chris lloyd
Nov 7, 2022

Chris Lloyd Speaks at West Michigan Policy Forum, Emphasizes Role of Bipartisanship in Economic Growth

On October 20, 2022, McGuireWoods Consulting senior vice president Chris Lloyd served as a featured speaker at the West Michigan Policy Forum, an event designed to explore how to bring businesses to a state in a bipartisan atmosphere. Lloyd was quoted in numerous publications, including Michigan Business, MIRS News, Crain’s Detroit Business, and the Detroit News.

Lloyd noted that the “war for talent is very real – the workforce is the driving factor that shapes where corporations make decisions.”

Lloyd pointed out that companies are very focused on long-term infrastructure improvements in the state. “Tax credits are less important than they used to be… The companies we represent aren’t looking for incentives just because they want a big sack of cash so they can drive to Vegas and blow it.”

“You need to make sure that the business climate and economic development issues are bipartisan. Creating a future for our children and grandchildren is not a red or blue issue. There may be different approaches and ways you may want to approach economic development or business climate issues. But at the end of the day, the fundamental core is a pro-business climate, a place where our children and grandchildren can thrive, good infrastructure, affordable housing – those are things that all parties can unify around. It’s important for the business community to be the one that stands above partisan politics,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd pointed out that a true partnership is key to ensuring the success of any business effort. “It’s not about businesses trying to take control, but it’s how can we work in partnership to make Michigan a great place to work and live.”