Jan 17, 2023

2022 Year in Review: MWC’s Infrastructure and Economic Development Team Projects Span Industries, Include Foreign Direct Investments

In 2022, McGuireWoods Consulting’s infrastructure and economic development team engaged in 14 projects across six states — Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and Michigan. Projects are pending in 15 other states — Florida, New York, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Tennessee. The projects spanned industry sectors, including advanced manufacturing, hospitality, life sciences, food and beverage, metals, and renewable energy.

Working in conjunction with government officials and the public, the team realized over $1.5 billion in capital investments on behalf of clients and more than 2,500 jobs were announced last year as a result of the economic development projects in which the team was engaged.

Foreign direct investment also accelerated in 2022 with representation on projects in the us with companies based in 12 countries: France, China, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey, and Canada.

MWC’s infrastructure and economic development team includes senior vice president and director Chris Lloyd, senior vice presidents Ford Graham, Tracy Baynard, Preston Bryant, and assistant vice presidents Joseph Beasley and Margaret Rockwell.

IED 2022 Recap