chris lloyd
Jan 19, 2023

Chris Lloyd Quoted on Growth of Life Sciences Industry in North Carolina, Assets that Charlotte Offers Companies

On January 6, 2023, MWC senior vice president Chris Lloyd was quoted in the Charlotte Business Journal on the growth of life sciences industry in North Carolina. Lloyd is a board member and former chair of the Site Selectors Guild and serves as the director of McGuireWoods Consulting’s national infrastructure and economic development team.

The article notes that life sciences has been a big industry, but one focused on the Research Triangle. The region is looking to expand the sector for a broader life sciences cluster.

Lloyd noted that Charlotte can look for niche areas to expand and some new projects, could serve as a “big draw” for pharmaceutical manufacturing investment, while other projects can draw more attention to the clinical trial work.

“Charlotte has many assets that are essential to building a healthcare and life sciences cluster. But to try to displace or duplicate some of the hubs that already exist in the country is somewhat of an uphill battle,” Lloyd said.

“Instead, I think Charlotte has many assets for which it is known as a finance hub, as a manufacturing hub, as a logistics hub. Is there a way you can take those inherent competitive advantages that the Charlotte region has and use it to become a player?” he said.