Jul 17, 2017

NC Politics in the News


CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL: Here’s how NC stacks up among US states for fiscal strength

North Carolina improved in this year ranking of states' "fiscal condition" produced by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

THE ROBESONIAN: Analysis: New budget creates a 1B shortfall

The newly approved North Carolina budget with its tax cut plan could contribute to a $1 billion-plus annual gap between revenues and projected government expenses by 2020, according to an analysis by the General Assembly's nonpartisan staff.


ASHEVILLE CITIZEN TIMES: In energy bill, Cooper faces renewable dilemma

Energy legislation on North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper's desk presents him with a decision that could force him to choose between buttressing the state's bright solar industry and nurturing its nascent wind power business.

WRAL-NEWS: State to form science board to review chromium standards

State environmental officials announced Wednesday night they plan to convene a science advisory board to specifically examine health and safety standards for contaminants like chromium associated with private wells near coal ash ponds.

From the Governor’s Desk

WRAL-NEWS: Cooper vetoes casino night bill, signs traffic stop legislation

Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed legislation meant to legalize charitable casino nights, saying he fears the bill would open another door for a video poker industry the state has worked to stamp out for years.

THE ROBESONIAN: Britny’s Law toughens penalties for domestic murder

Previously convicted domestic violence offenders who are accused of killing their victims could more easily be found guilty of first-degree murder and possibly face the ultimate punishment under a new law in North Carolina.

NEWS & OBSERVER: ‘Revenge Porn’ protections expanded

North Carolina has expanded protections against "revenge porn" in a law Gov. Roy Cooper signed on Tuesday. In 2015, the state made it illegal to post nude photos online without the consent of the victim after a personal relationship ends.

In the Courts

RICHMOND COUNTY DAILY JOURNAL: Judges side with new law, superintendent over school powers

A panel of judges has upheld a new North Carolina law shifting many powers to run the public schools away from the State Board of Education to the elected superintendent, saying it stayed within the division of education responsibilities set in the state Constitution.

WITN-NEWS: Hearing on redistricting schedule, election set for July 27

A federal court has called a hearing for this month as its judges determine when new North Carolina legislative districts should be redrawn by the General Assembly and whether a special election under altered boundaries is warranted.

Local Government

WNCT-NEWS: New Bern nixes alcohol sales before Sunday at noon

Sunday brunch will stay the same in New Bern after the City Council failed to give the go-ahead to the brunch bill ordinance, leaving alcohol sales to begin at noon on Sunday.