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The McGuireWoods Consulting Women in Public Affairs initiative focuses on bringing together women working in government affairs and advocacy through a series of local and regional educational events and networking opportunities. Read our online series on "Women in Public Affairs to Know" to learn more about women's work on legislative solutions and advocacy services. If you have a recommendation for a future interview, please email Michele Satterlund.

 Latoya Thomas

Latoya Thomas

Director, Policy and Government Affairs, Doctor on Demand

"If we are reflective of the communities that we’re serving, then I think we can better impact and redefine what virtual care means moving forward."

prashanthi raman


Prashanthi Rao Raman

Director, Public Policy, Lyft

"If I were to give advice to someone making a career change, I would say do what motivates you, stay true to yourself, and never underestimate yourself."

ann hanlon


Ann Hanlon

Executive Director, Perimeter Community Improvement Districts

"The flexibility of the industry is absolutely a positive thing. However, we need to work on recognizing that women are bringing the same amount of value if not sometimes more value in the public affairs space – especially because women tend to be good communicators and problem solvers."

 kristi kelly  

Kristi Kelly

Executive Director, Marijuana Industry Group

"I do believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this environment, I think that innovation is a bigger driver. In order for innovation to occur, we have to get really comfortable with the fact that we are attracting intelligent people from different backgrounds and they’re coming together to address different issues."

 mary moore hamrick  

Mary Moore Hamrick

Chief Public Policy Officer, Grant Thornton

"I think that technology in general is the biggest disruptor, not only of the accounting profession, but of all industries in general. The successful firms, companies and businesses are going to be those that understand how technology either changes or disrupts your business and how you can harness that to do a better job or change the way in which you do your job going forward."

 erica gordon  

Erica Gordon

Vice President, Government Affairs, Hilton

"My best advice is to actually spend time listening to those who don’t agree with your position. It is really important to speak to your internal stakeholders and your business partners to know what you’re advocating for, but understanding the opposing point of view is empowering. It challenges your thought process, helps sharpen your arguments and ultimately makes you a better advocate for your issues."