Kwame Walker

Senior Vice President, State Government Relations

Austin, TX

+1 512 617 4511

Kwame serves as a senior vice president the for state government relations and an attorney for parent firm McGuireWoods LLP. Based out of the Austin office, he represents clients and governmental entities before the state legislature and has experience with public policy, regulatory, economic development, infrastructure and finance matters.

Kwame has been in and around Texas state government and politics since 1986. Kwame spent the past 13 years working as a legislative consultant representing clients such as the City of Dallas, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, the Texas State Troopers Association and the Dallas Cowboys before the state legislature. He is a licensed attorney, and has also served as legislative aide, legislative director and general counsel to several Texas state senators. 

He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University School of Law and holds an undergraduate degree in Government from the University of Texas at Austin.

Coalition Development

Contracts and State Local Procurement

Economic Incentives Negotiation

Executive and Legislative Affairs

Local Government Relations

Public Private Partnerships

Regulatory Solutions

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Trade and International Affairs

Kwame Walker