dollar, gearsMcGuireWoods Consulting tracks and analyzes procurement opportunities at the state and federal levels to inform and strategically position our clients before an RFP for goods or services is issued. Our procurement dashboards track market trends, government spending behaviors, and existing contract specifications on behalf of our clients. In-depth analysis helps us identify procurement opportunities that best suite our client’s business model. Additionally, we leverage long-standing relationships with key decision-makers to advance our client’s interests, while navigating the complex purchasing process.

Procurement Services

  • Identify procurement opportunities at the federal level and in our seven footprint states
  • Position clients and develop strategies to take advantage of opportunities
  • Identify and work with decision-makers
  • Craft a strategic response, identify the right partners and outline a winning strategy
  • Navigate regulations and complex purchasing requirements
  • Adhere to the best industry standards and practices
  • Navigate the bureaucracy of the municipal, state and federal government