Navigating Washington's complex political landscapeFor most businesses and organizations, the prospect of forming partnerships in Washington is daunting. But the McGuireWoods Consulting Federal Team does it every day. We understand that the legislative and regulatory environment that our clients face is not something they just have to accept - we can help them shape it to produce better policy outcomes. The team is led by Paul Reagan, who served as chief of staff to Virginia's former Governor Terry McAuliffe and former U.S. Senator Jim Webb. Other members of the federal public affairs team have worked and served in the halls of Congress and the White House. We have the expertise and contacts to make Washington work for you.
We devise unique strategies for businesses to achieve their goals in Washington. Every problem has a who, a what and a when: who to see, what to say and when to implement a plan. We can help our clients because of the strength of our contacts, our familiarity with policy issues, and our knowledge of the legislative and administrative process.
McGuireWoods Consulting also works closely with the attorneys of McGuireWoods LLP on all matters of legal and ethical compliance under federal law. This reinforces and solidifies our ability to offer high quality policy advice on a wide variety of topics.

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