Influence and results in all 50 states

McGuireWoods Consulting is a national leader in government affairs solutions operating comprehensive multistate, integrated legislation tracking and lobbying programs.  We have a depth of experience building cost-effective teams around regulatory and legislative issues with a regional or national scope, managing tailored initiatives to outcomes, and seamlessly winding down the effort when the job is done.

Led by former South Carolina Governor James Hodges, our national multistate strategies team offers clients the talents of government affairs professionals in seven large capital cities regionally located across the country and in Washington, D.C. Companies of all types and across industries benefit from our team’s multistate approach in addressing legislative and regulatory issues. Our team is strategically positioned to assist businesses that operate multistate locations, conduct business in states beyond their physical presence, or sell products or services nationwide. We serve businesses across industry sectors, including education, healthcare and Medicaid, technology, transportation, Native American policy, retail, banking, gaming, and life and long-term care insurance.

Our distinctive strengths are:

  • National issue management, including developing plans of action to ensure our client’s voice is heard in priority states
  • Thought leadership via presenting at state and national conferences and helping policymakers understand our client’s issue or product
  • Lobbying in any of our seven footprint states or at the federal level
  • 50-state network of lobbyists with whom we have robust relationships – we collaborate with vetted professionals across the country to provide just-in-time assistance as needed
  • Bill tracking that is customized for each client, both in terms of policy issues and states covered
  • Coalition building to garner widespread support and leverage a unified approach
  • Grassroots / grasstops, advocacy, and public relations teams that deploy nationally to back traditional lobbying efforts
  • Experienced attorneys on each client team who provide ethics compliance advice to team members and clients

National Reach, State Government Presence

McGuireWoods Consulting provides clients with legislative and regulatory support far beyond the state capitals in which we have offices. We have built a 50-state network of vetted and experienced lobbyists and collaborate with these professionals as needed to deliver results for our clients.

In addition, members of our team have cultivated long-standing relationships with individuals in high-ranking positions across local and state municipal agencies and regulatory bodies. We also work closely with major city mayors, governors, attorneys general, state superintendents of education, and insurance commissioners across states as well as with leading members of national caucuses, trade associations and political organizations.

Our ability to provide client solutions and political resources in Washington, D.C. and in state and local governments from coast-to-coast differentiates McGuireWoods Consulting from its competitors.

National Municipal Strategies

Led by Breelyn Pete, former City of Los Angeles deputy mayor, our national municipal practice team draws on deep knowledge and experience in the policy challenges facing mayors and local government leaders across the country. We work with clients to identify and pursue local solutions to issues of national scope such as COVID-19 response, affordable housing, environmental sustainability, energy, infrastructure and racial equity to name a few.

We are well known and respected participants in organizations such as the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, and Big City Mayors, Democratic Municipal Officials Association, National Association of Counties, in addition to numerous other national political organizations and trade associations. As such, we have decades of experience helping businesses and interest groups across industries build awareness among key stakeholders and providing insights on local government actions impacting how they serve constituents and support the local economy.

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